Путеводитель ASTANA. Architectural Gulde

  • Производители  Фолиант
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  • Код товара:  9786013026855

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Описание - Путеводитель ASTANA. Architectural Gulde

Architecture is not incidentally called music, frozen in stone. And in this sense Astana is a powerful symphony of the youngest capital of the world, a symbol of independence and youthful immediacy. This is a daring challenge, often youthful, maximalist and naive, but always a sincere and inspired one. What ideas were embodied by the architects of Astana? What in the young capital is the «inspired beginning», and what is the obvious kitsch? What are the development trends of the city of the 21st century? Read a book about Astana, written by experts in the field of architecture, and you will find exhaustive answers to the questions asked and see the young capital of Kazakhstan differently.

Теги: Путеводитель ASTANA. Architectural Gulde Ф. Мойзер

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